Hello World: Welcome to the Psychreg Podcast

Hello World: Welcome to the Psychreg Podcast

Welcome to the Psychreg Podcast! Through our partnership with The Mental Breakdown Podcast, we will post podcasts that cover a wide array of mental health topics. Through interviews with professionals from around the world, as well as the clinical and research expertise of our hosts, you will hear up-to-date ideas, perspectives, and strategies that will help you maximise your potential and be the best possible version of you. We hope that you will join us each morning so that we can help you make your day the best it can be!

You are welcome to suggest topics you would like for us to cover.

Visit Psychreg.org for to read about all things mental health and psychology.

Just a few reminders from us:

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  • The Elimination Diet Manual is now available on Kindle and nook. Get your copy today.
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